Index Card RPG Core Solo Trial Run

Bookkeeping Notes: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. DrivethruRPG’s top selling product is the Index Card RPG Core by Runehammer Games. The PDF costs USD $16.50, other formats available, too. The author, Hankerin Ferinale, is a cool dude with a popular Youtube channel. He has extremely good ideas on how […]

Actual Play: Maze Rats With CRGE-Kai/ranDM Solo

Tools Maze Rats (aff) Adventuresmith for Android ranDM solo Everything is free or PWYW. Solo gaming deluxe for free. Random Characters Generated with Adventuresmith. Maze Rats has random tables en masse. Stilton Tumbler Strength: +2 Dexterity: +1 Willpower: +0 +1 attack bonus HP 4 Appearance: Craggy, Birthmark, Dated clothing Background: Mountebank Personality: Grumpy Mannerism: Highly […]

So1um Playtest

Do you get bogged down in details during solo role-playing? As much as I like testing out new systems, the overload of a complete RPG plus a solo system can be too much. Matt Jackson’s (free) so1um could be the solution. It is a complete rules-lite solo RPG. You can play different genres with it. […]

Kid’s First RPG

I play a role-playing game with my 4-year-old. I need to make it very simple. She has a short attention span. We use Perfected by M.A.R. Barker as the gaming system. We both roll a die. Higher roll wins. If her chances of success are higher than mine, she gets a higher die size (i.e. […]

Playtesting Four Against Darkness

In the Solo RPG G+ community Wes Camp had some posts about a solo dungeon-crawler called Four Against Darkness (4AD) by Ganesha Games. It is available for USD $8.00 as a PDF from DrivethruRPG (affiliate link). It is a simple old-school inspired game that only uses six-sided dice. You create 4 adventurers from the classic […]

Heroquest Glorantha Actual Play Solo Part 1

Here is part 1 of my solo play of Heroquest Glorantha. I used Sharper Adventures in Heroquest Glorantha, BOLD (aff), The Location Crafter (aff) and the “Aladdin” Technique for my setup (check out more solo tools here). Rory’s Storycubes serve as a random image generator. Please keep in mind that I’m a newcomer to Glorantha, […]