July Update

Hello folks,

just a quick update: real life and learning to program is eating up almost all my time.

I received some Kickstarter rewards. Tiny Frontiers (affiliate link) among others. It is a minimalist sci-fi game based on Tiny Dungeon.

I’m looking forward to Belly of the Beast by Ben Dutter. It has an interesting setting. A giant beast has eaten up the world and you play scavengers inside it. The Ethos engine is a solid narrative system (see my post about Vow of Honor).

I’m keeping my lists updated, especially the list for The Black Hack . It looks like a new product comes out every other day. It’s crazy!

3 thoughts on “July Update

  1. Thanks for the update and for maintaining the lists, particularly the Black Hack one. I hope the learning to program is going well and real life isn’t overwhelming.

    1. Thank you, Miles, for your comment. It means a lot to me.
      I’m really torn about spending more time on blogging. I would like to but then other things would need to go…

      1. Balancing time available is always tough, and hobbies (like blogging and gaming) sometimes have to come further down the list. They’ll still be there when the time crunch passes!

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