Kid’s First RPG

I play a role-playing game with my 4-year-old.
I need to make it very simple. She has a short attention span.
We use Perfected by M.A.R. Barker as the gaming system.
We both roll a die. Higher roll wins. If her chances of success are higher than mine, she gets a higher die size (i.e. she gets a d20 and I get a d10).

She plays a dinosaur called Nossil. Nossil is pink and violet.

The kids in her village want her to find the Candy Monster. It has eaten up all the sweets.
She tracks the monster to a cave. (Yes, it’s a dungeon. Nothing wrong with the classics.)

In the first room, there are Licorice Spiders.
They say: “No, you can’t pass. The Candy Monster gives us Wine Gum Flies to eat. If you defeat the monster, we will starve.”
Nossil: “I will eat YOU!”
Spiders: “Aaah!”
Nossil: “Just a joke.”

(Violence is not her style. My daughter doesn’t know how to proceed. What are you supposed to do as a role-player?)

Spiders: “Will you give us food?”
Nossil: “Yes.”
We roll dice. She rolls a 12 on her d20, I roll a 7 on a d10. The Licorice Spiders let her pass.

The next cave is full of a jello lake. But it is liquid.
I say: “Do you want to take your rope and climb over it? Or do you want to use flour to make the jello solid again so you can walk on it?”

(Give her clear choices, otherwise, she doesn’t know how to go on.)

She surprises me: “I want to use a trampoline to jump over the lake.”
We roll dice and she wins again.
We pantomime it out and laugh.

Now she wants to play something else. The Candy Monster gets a breather.
I’m curious about what will happen next time.

Perfected at Analogkonsole (N. Matausch)

3 thoughts on “Kid’s First RPG

  1. This is really fun to see! My three year old loves imaginative play, and we’ve started doing some roleplay too. She’s getting good with her numbers so I might have a think about using Perfected to play a game with her over Christmas.

  2. Hi Sophia,
    stumbled upon your blog via the G+ Lone Wolf Roleplaying community. Thanks for pointing out this ruleset. I too, have been playing some very basic RPGs with my 4-year old. She loves my Pathfinder Pawns and maps so we, or better, she, set-up some monsters on the map and we (her as a fire mage and me as a rogue) have to steal their treasure. Not much story, basically a board game. We fight monsters with a six sided die, higher roll wins, winner gets to subtract a hit point from the loser.
    Anyhow, on a different note, I have seen you have run the Edge of the Empire beginner game adventure solo by emulating the PCs. After I complete Cal’s (my character in my EotE solo campaign) current quest I want to actually use all those beginner games that I bought and run the included adventures with two pregens, also solo. Any insights on how to do that? I have found some hints for playing published adventures solo online, but I am always open for more suggestions. Currently I am thinking about using the Mythic approach and check if every encounter plays out as outlined or is altered in some way and if so, using a random idea generator to introduce new or different elements into the encounter by keeping the basic plot intact. So if you have come across some hints or insights please share.

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