Results of the 6d6RPG Giveaway

So, the contest is over. Congrats to Brett Slocum for getting the Library card! I will send it out this weekend. 1o PDF copies go to: Andrea Parducci Craig Hatler Mike B. Myles Corcoran Marc M. char Narmer Justin Svetlik Tom John Polack 5 people were the first to comment (except Brett), and 5 were […]

6d6 RPG Giveaway

Thank you for reading my blog. As a reader, you’ve noticed the silence around here. I’m sorry. It won’t change soon. Still, thank you very much for your patience. It means a lot to me. I want to give something back. Today my 6d6 Library Card arrived. It is a USB stick which contains all […]

Age of Legends Kickstarter (6d6 RPG)

It’s no secret that I enjoy the 6d6 RPG. It is a versatile, lightweight and abstract system with a clever use of resource management. The content is open-source and if you buy a PDF you are allowed to share it freely amongst your players. My only problem is that the game doesn’t offer ready-made settings […]

6d6 Core [6d6 RPG] (Review)

What do you need to know? 6d6 RPG is a universal role-playing game from the UK. It is now in its second version, crowdfunded via Kickstarter. The text of the game is under a Creative Commons license and thus it can be read for free on the website (and used for publishing your own version/settings, […]