The Temple of the Squirrel God of Greed

This is a guest review by Jaye Foster. Temple of Greed (aff) is systemless dungeon by Daniel Neffling that is designed for use with OSR games. This is my first encounter with an OSR dungeon, so expect me to end up commenting a little on the genre as well. Buried Treasure Just a page of […]

The Cliff-Lair of Heeter (Mini-Review)

What do you need to know? The Cliff-Lair of Heeter (aff) is an old school location-based module for low-level characters. It’s compatible with OD&D or similar retro-clones and suitable for 4-10 player characters. A local tale whispers of a strange sorcerer who has dwelt in the cliffs and crags for centuries. During that time, savage […]

Colonial Civil War (White Star Adventure Review)

Interested in an adventure for the sci-fi OSR game White Star? Then Darrel Miller from DM Studios might help you out. His second adventure, Colonial Civil War (CCW), is available at Drivethrurpg for USD $1.00. Grab it HERE. I already reviewed Darrel’s first module (Star Temple of Saturgalia) here if you’re interested in a module […]

The Overrun Mines (OSR Adventure)

What do you need to know? The Overrun Mines is an old school adventure for Labyrinth Lord and thus compatible with a whole lot of OSR rulesets. It’s aimed at low-level characters. It’s released by Shane Ward from 3 Toadstools. The product is PWYW and available at Onebookshelf. DOWNLOAD HERE (aff) What’s the deal? The […]

Actual Play: Whitehack in the Overrun Mines

Let’s try this experiment. Shane Ward asked me to review one of his modules (all PWYW). I chose The Overrun Mines, a Labyrinth-Lord-adventure for level 1 characters. It’s a simple location-based module. I recently bought the 2nd edition of Whitehack (review of the 1st edition here), so I wanted to play the adventure with this […]