The Overrun Mines (OSR Adventure)

What do you need to know? The Overrun Mines is an old school adventure for Labyrinth Lord and thus compatible with a whole lot of OSR rulesets. It’s aimed at low-level characters. It’s released by Shane Ward from 3 Toadstools. The product is PWYW and available at Onebookshelf. DOWNLOAD HERE (aff) What’s the deal? The […]

Actual Play: Whitehack in the Overrun Mines

Let’s try this experiment. Shane Ward asked me to review one of his modules (all PWYW). I chose The Overrun Mines, a Labyrinth-Lord-adventure for level 1 characters. It’s a simple location-based module. I recently bought the 2nd edition of Whitehack (review of the 1st edition here), so I wanted to play the adventure with this […]

I’m On A Boat! (Dungeon World Review)

I’m On A Boat! 2nd Edition by Joe Banner is a short adventure pack for Dungeon World. It is available at DrivethruRPG as a Pay-What-You-Want-product. Alternatively, you can download it from the official Dungeon World’s Dropbox folder. The PDF is 14 pages and gives you a framework for running a seafaring adventure. The layout is […]