Age of Legends Kickstarter (6d6 RPG)

It’s no secret that I enjoy the 6d6 RPG. It is a versatile, lightweight and abstract system with a clever use of resource management. The content is open-source and if you buy a PDF you are allowed to share it freely amongst your players. My only problem is that the game doesn’t offer ready-made settings […]

First Impressions of the Spark RPG

The Spark RPG is a storytelling role-playing game by Jason Pitre where you can explore your character’s motivations and tell stories about heroic deeds and personal struggles. There are three example settings included: Neonihon (Shogunate Science-Fiction), Quiet Revolution (MontrĂ©al Police Drama) and The Elemental Kingdom (Elemental Fantasy). First Impressions of the beta version The Spark […]