Warning: What I am up To

Stuff That Might See a Review Macchiato Monsters Zero by Eric Nieudan: an OSR-3rd-generation-style mix of The Black Hack (TBH) and Whitehack Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells (aff, PWYW): Sword & Sorcery with TBH and Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) Hubris by Mike Evans (aff): a weird fucked-up fantasy world for DCC – I’m mostly interested […]

Kid’s First RPG

I play a role-playing game with my 4-year-old. I need to make it very simple. She has a short attention span. We use Perfected by M.A.R. Barker as the gaming system. We both roll a die. Higher roll wins. If her chances of success are higher than mine, she gets a higher die size (i.e. […]

Playin’ D&D 1974 style!

If 6 stats are enough for a monster, shouldn’t it be enough for a player character? That’s the thought that Nicolas Dessaux, a.k.a. Snorri had in 2009. He then came up with a minimalist role-playing game on the basis of the old school versions of D&D monster entries. He called it Searchers of the Unknown […]

Thoughts on Basic Fantasy (Part 3)

[Go to part 1] Finally, part 3 of my look at Basic Fantasy which deals with Monsters, Treasure and Game Master Information. Monsters Monsters are mechanically modeled after Basic/Expert (B/X). With most entries I couldn’t find any difference except for movement and sometimes armor class (already taking ascending armor class into consideration). As for the […]

Thoughts on Basic Fantasy (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my look at Basic Fantasy. (Part 1 can be found here). This whole series took longer than anticipated plus a stomach flu threw me back in my writing efforts. This part of the series will deal with The Adventure and The Encounter. Part 3 will deal with “GM-only stuff”: monsters, […]

Thoughts on Basic Fantasy (Part 1)

Back when I started to dip my toe into the OSR waters I asked the folks at the OSR Google+ community what the “best” ruleset was. I admit that my question was a bit naive. I just wanted to know with which rules I should get started because for a newbie the amount of games […]

Unbelievable Simple Roleplaying 2.0 (Review)

USR is a very rules-lite generic role-playing game and it does what it says: it’s dead simple. There are some optional rules to make it more “advanced” but in its heart it is still a very lightweight system. The second iteration of this game is more like a revised edition instead of a revolutionary overhaul. […]

ERA Epic Storytelling Game (Review)

ERA Epic Storytelling Game by Neil Gow is exactly what the title says: it’s a narrative storytelling RPG where the players play larger-than-life-heroes. It is aimed at one GM and one or two players and short play. Layout ERA is a 54 pages PDF with bare-bones layout. It’s nothing fancy but it works. I personally […]

Always Never Now – Game Master Advice

I love John Harper‘s’ indie gem Lady Blackbird with its steampunk setting and its lightweight mechanics. The implementation of Keys is better than the original from The Shadow of Yesterday in my opinion. If you don’t know this game, go take a look now! So, you like it? Can’t get enough? Good news. there is […]

Solo RPG Goodness

John from Solonexus recently updated his free solo rpg engine the 9Qs. You can now grab the 2013 version. Updates include: Clarified language and additional guidance. Deliberate and random GM decisions and PC actions. Deliberate and random setting (place and time) options. Q1a (reactive) and Q1b (proactive) opening encounters. “The NPC 9Qs” for instant NPC […]