Friday Grab Bag: Caper and Dungeon World, Baby!

Free Games The 200 Word RPG Challenge for 2017 has wrapped up. Here are the winners: Winners and Finalists. Tina T. recommends the heist game Caper by Dale Elwy. Here is Tina: You are a group of thieves on a heist, stealing a treasure! The setting is up to you. Challenges are secretly written on […]

Friday Grab Bag: Free Adventures and Some Random Generators

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through (aff) links in this post. Adventures & Adventure Locations Swords & Wizardry: Dungeons of Fel’Valashar (aff) and Return to Fel’Valashar (aff) are two collections of mini dungeon adventures with a small region called Fel’Valashar. PWYW. Purple Road by Christopher Mennell, Luka Rejic and K. Yani. Free. […]

Friday Grab Bag: Karfreitag Edition

Solo Role-playing Mike Overbo has released a new version of ranDM solo, the solo app that runs in your browser. It has new solo engines and a “prep blog post” feature. He also has a short overview about the different solo engines. The awesome Android app Adventuresmith now has solo engines! Adventuresmith is free and […]

Friday Grab Bag: Dungeon Drawing, and more

Security Nothing RPG-related, but there was a huge security breach for sites using Cloudflare. For example, patreon and reddit could be affected. More info here. Change passwords and enable 2FA for important accounts. Dungeon Drawing Elementary Principles of Dungeon Drawing is a short article by David McGrogan worth your time: […] I don’t think I’ve […]

OSR Sci Fi GM Screen (Mini-Review)

Let’s take a short break from my Whitehack series and look at a different old school gaming product. The OSR Sci Fi GM Screen is a production in the wake of the White Star (aff) hype. While White Star isn’t perfect, it still has lots of fans in the old school community. The GM Screen […]

3 Line NPCs (Review)

I’m always looking for tools to make my games run better. I’m still a fledgling GM and somehow my gaming group never wants me to run the games I like, so I’m mostly gaming online. I’ve only run 10 or so games, but I want to get better. Having compelling NPCs is always nice to […]

The GameMaster’s Apprentice (Mini-Review)

The GameMaster’s Apprentice? A funny name for a little card-based tool. I playtested this yesterday had a lot of fun. It is a set of 60 poker-sized double printed cards with tons of random generators. At the same time, it’s a “GM-emulator” which you can use for solo role-playing. Each card contains 14 different randomizers […]