Extremely Lite Friday Grab Bag

Bookkeeping Notes: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Not much going on this week. Or I have missed it. I’m smitten with Index Card RPG Core. See my playtest here. So I’m lurking around a lot at the Index Card G+ community. But let’s see what we have this week. […]

Friday Grab Bag: Dungeon Drawing, and more

Security Nothing RPG-related, but there was a huge security breach for sites using Cloudflare. For example, patreon and reddit could be affected. More info here. Change passwords and enable 2FA for important accounts. Dungeon Drawing Elementary Principles of Dungeon Drawing is a short article by David McGrogan worth your time: […] I don’t think I’ve […]

Always Never Now – Game Master Advice

I love John Harper‘s’ indie gem Lady Blackbird with its steampunk setting and its lightweight mechanics. The implementation of Keys is better than the original from The Shadow of Yesterday in my opinion. If you don’t know this game, go take a look now! So, you like it? Can’t get enough? Good news. there is […]

My Tips for Gamemastering Dungeon World

Here are some experiences I made playing Dungeon World, “a modern game with old school feeling”. I was a GM in three sessions so far. I have never played DW before but have had an intro session of Apocalypse World, DW’s “father” game, in a Google+ Hangout. In two games (with different players) I used […]