The GameMaster’s Apprentice: Playtest

Today I want to playtest one of my recent RPG tool arrivals, The GameMaster’s Apprentice. The GMA is a set of 60 poker-sized double printed cards with tons of random generators and at the same time it’s a “GM-emulator” which you can use for solo role-playing. The Kickstarter page has two videos showing how this […]

Actual Play: Abstract Dungeon

Just a short while ago, Zach Best released his new solo engine CRGE, Conjectural Roleplaying GM Emulator (aff) as a Pay-What-You-Want-product. It’s a complete GM Emulator but is much simpler than the classic Mythic GME (aff). The CRGE doesn’t take probability into account. Instead, you decide what kind of scene you play: a Knowledge scene, […]