Swords of Almuric: BoL-Edition (Review)

Although Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL) just recently released their new crowdfunded Mythic Edition in PDF I didn’t read it yet. I’m waiting for the printed book to arrive. My impression from the beta is mixed: although the new version definitely looks snappier and has lots of additional material the mechanical overhaul doesn’t look like an […]

Tiny Dungeon (Review)

What do you need to know? Tiny Dungeon is a minimalist heroic fantasy role-playing game which you can buy for USD $5.99 at Onebookshelf (aff). The author promises that it is “[…] a tabletop role-playing game system that is short on rules, but big on roleplaying!” Let’s dive in! The Rules Basic Rules Tiny Dungeons […]

Folklore RPG (Review)

Folklore is an extremely rules-lite role-playing game on two pages. You can buy it for USD $ 1 at Onebookshelf (aff). The character sheets are a separate (free) download. Game System It’s a bit difficult to describe such an ultra-lite RPG without reiterating the complete rule set. So this is a brief overview. Folklore uses […]

Actual Play: ERA Caliphport

This is a very short Actual Play of Neil Gow’s ERA Epic Storytelling Game. It only contains two scenes but should give you an impression on how the game plays. System info is included so the text doesn’t read that easily but you can follow the game mechanics. I did this session as a solo-session. […]

ERA Epic Storytelling Game (Review)

ERA Epic Storytelling Game by Neil Gow is exactly what the title says: it’s a narrative storytelling RPG where the players play larger-than-life-heroes. It is aimed at one GM and one or two players and short play. Layout ERA is a 54 pages PDF with bare-bones layout. It’s nothing fancy but it works. I personally […]

Always Never Now – Game Master Advice

I love John Harper‘s’ indie gem Lady Blackbird with its steampunk setting and its lightweight mechanics. The implementation of Keys is better than the original from The Shadow of Yesterday in my opinion. If you don’t know this game, go take a look now! So, you like it? Can’t get enough? Good news. there is […]

Actual Play: Mouse Guard

This is the first session of Mouse Guard in solo play. The Mouse Guard comics were written by David Petersen, the game mechanics were created by Luke Crane. It is a Burning Wheel game adapted to the setting, the rules are not the same but similar. Characters Taryn, female young tenderpaw – has never fit […]

First Impressions of the Spark RPG

The Spark RPG is a storytelling role-playing game by Jason Pitre where you can explore your character’s motivations and tell stories about heroic deeds and personal struggles. There are three example settings included: Neonihon (Shogunate Science-Fiction), Quiet Revolution (Montréal Police Drama) and The Elemental Kingdom (Elemental Fantasy). First Impressions of the beta version The Spark […]

I Found Lightweight Games for You

I’m a great fan of lightweight and free games. I surfed around in the internet and found these: 2d6 Fantasy Some stats and an easy task resolution: 2d6 + stat modifier. Results are sliding (catastrophe, miscast, delayed success, immediate success or puissant success). Looks like a Barbarians of Lemuria/Talisman/Apocalypse-World-Hack. Check it out at Untimately. There’s […]

Actual Play: Wu# With the 9Qs: Qs 7-9

This is the final plart of my actual play write-up of my solo play in a Wuxia-World. Read more about it here: part 1 (setup) part 2 (Qs 1-3) part 3 (Qs 4-6) Q 7. Where can the heroic motivation be most effectively redeemed? Be the players first: Encounter: pursuit The PCs decide that it […]