Friday Grab Bag: Zines, Free RPG Day

Bookkeeping Notes: I get commissions for purchases made through some links in this post. Zines A list of available old school zines. Some free, some paid. And you can get the latest issue of Codex, the Gauntlet’s monthly RPG fanzine for free. It has a Dungeon World starter, a story game of Celtic Myth, and […]

Age of Legends Kickstarter (6d6 RPG)

It’s no secret that I enjoy the 6d6 RPG. It is a versatile, lightweight and abstract system with a clever use of resource management. The content is open-source and if you buy a PDF you are allowed to share it freely amongst your players. My only problem is that the game doesn’t offer ready-made settings […]

6d6 Core [6d6 RPG] (Review)

What do you need to know? 6d6 RPG is a universal role-playing game from the UK. It is now in its second version, crowdfunded via Kickstarter. The text of the game is under a Creative Commons license and thus it can be read for free on the website (and used for publishing your own version/settings, […]

Vow of Honor (Kind of a Review)

What do you need to know? Vow of Honor (VoH) is a narrative indie game by Ben Dutter from Sigil Stone Publishing. It comes with a strong theme: you play arbiters from the Order of Fasann in a harsh fantasy world who travel from enclave to enclave to uphold the Tenets of Honor. The game […]

Blood of Pangea (Review)

Do you like sword & sorcery, rules-lite, narrative or old school games? Then take a look at Blood of Pangea. When the author advertised this little game in the Rules-Lite RPG community on G+ I was interested but skeptic as well. There are lots of games that promise an interesting narrative twist on old school […]

Abstract Dungeon (Review)

In my last post I wrote an actual play report about Abstract Dungeon, so if you are interested in seeing how the mechanics work in solo play, check it out here. Today I will review the game. What do you need to know? Abstract Dungeon (AD) is a lightweight fantasy role-playing game by indie publisher […]

Actual Play: Abstract Dungeon

Just a short while ago, Zach Best released his new solo engine CRGE, Conjectural Roleplaying GM Emulator (aff) as a Pay-What-You-Want-product. It’s a complete GM Emulator but is much simpler than the classic Mythic GME (aff). The CRGE doesn’t take probability into account. Instead, you decide what kind of scene you play: a Knowledge scene, […]

Swords of Almuric: BoL-Edition (Review)

Although Barbarians of Lemuria (BoL) just recently released their new crowdfunded Mythic Edition in PDF I didn’t read it yet. I’m waiting for the printed book to arrive. My impression from the beta is mixed: although the new version definitely looks snappier and has lots of additional material the mechanical overhaul doesn’t look like an […]