Actual Play: Dungeon World (Part Two)

[Check out session 1 here.] Scene Two Danger Level: Advantaged (-1) Seed: Music Note Location: Ruined tower, light smell of damp firewood, insects flying around Weather: cloudy and temperate Setup: Filasor decides to confront the harpies in their nest outside Sharan La You have ventured out of the grim outskirts of *Sharan La* into the […]

Actual Play: Dungeon World (Part One)

Someone at the Lone Wolf G+ community asked about how PtbA-games handle solo play, so here’s a write-up of a solo Dungeon World session. This is a weird mix of both emulating the PC and the GM. With Dungeon World I’m more interested in playing the GM so I’ll narrate this side of the screen […]