Friday Grab Bag: Scarlet Wake, Empires of Aranna, Game Design, Etc.

Bookkeeping Notes: I may get commissions made through some links in this post. Music David Schirduan shares resources for Awesome Free Music on the Internet. Billy Dolan created more RPG Tracks. They are free (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License). And here is Some Free Music for Your SciFi/Cyberpunk/Retrofuture RPGs. The album is also available […]

A Look at Codex Neon (Zine)

What Is Codex? Codex is a monthly zine of The Gauntlet, a RPG community. They make podcasts for Dungeon World, Apocalypse World, narrative games and Actual Plays. Get a FREE issue of the Codex zine: Issue 9 Codex Madness. The rest is available via patreon subscription. USD $4+ per month. Back issues will be available […]

Actual Play: Dungeon World (Part Two)

[Check out session 1 here.] Scene Two Danger Level: Advantaged (-1) Seed: Music Note Location: Ruined tower, light smell of damp firewood, insects flying around Weather: cloudy and temperate Setup: Filasor decides to confront the harpies in their nest outside Sharan La You have ventured out of the grim outskirts of *Sharan La* into the […]

Actual Play: Dungeon World (Part One)

Someone at the Lone Wolf G+ community asked about how PtbA-games handle solo play, so here’s a write-up of a solo Dungeon World session. This is a weird mix of both emulating the PC and the GM. With Dungeon World I’m more interested in playing the GM so I’ll narrate this side of the screen […]

I’m On A Boat! (Dungeon World Review)

I’m On A Boat! 2nd Edition by Joe Banner is a short adventure pack for Dungeon World. It is available at DrivethruRPG as a Pay-What-You-Want-product. Alternatively, you can download it from the official Dungeon World’s Dropbox folder. The PDF is 14 pages and gives you a framework for running a seafaring adventure. The layout is […]

Interesting Combat

Interesting combat in Dungeons & Dragons A while ago I read a very interesting article about Why DnD’s editions have so many rules for combat. What struck me was this: Combat in OD&D isn’t that interesting unless the DM knows what he’s doing and the players are active and creative– neither the games rules nor […]

Dungeon World Monsters in May

This month’s blog carnival theme for the German RSP Blogs is Monsters. A wonderful theme but I totally missed it! So I don’t have the time for a great article about why, how or whatever. Some of my fellow bloggers have already written some excellent articles about that. But I want to contribute nonetheless. Thus […]

My Tips for Gamemastering Dungeon World

Here are some experiences I made playing Dungeon World, “a modern game with old school feeling”. I was a GM in three sessions so far. I have never played DW before but have had an intro session of Apocalypse World, DW’s “father” game, in a Google+ Hangout. In two games (with different players) I used […]

I Found Lightweight Games for You

I’m a great fan of lightweight and free games. I surfed around in the internet and found these: 2d6 Fantasy Some stats and an easy task resolution: 2d6 + stat modifier. Results are sliding (catastrophe, miscast, delayed success, immediate success or puissant success). Looks like a Barbarians of Lemuria/Talisman/Apocalypse-World-Hack. Check it out at Untimately. There’s […]