I Hit It with My Swiss-Army Hand: Hubris Review

Legend states that Hubris was created from the fetid corpse of a long-dead god. Hubris is a land of terrible creatures, grand inequality, strange and cruel gods, dangerous magic, opulent nobility, destitute commoners, people that have become corrupted and turned to savage beasts, constant wars, and worse. What exactly is Hubris? It is a weird […]

Age of Legends Kickstarter (6d6 RPG)

It’s no secret that I enjoy the 6d6 RPG. It is a versatile, lightweight and abstract system with a clever use of resource management. The content is open-source and if you buy a PDF you are allowed to share it freely amongst your players. My only problem is that the game doesn’t offer ready-made settings […]

Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana (Review)

What is Titansgrave? Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana is based on Wil Wheaton’s show (part of Geek & Sundry) where we can watch a bunch of players experience Wil’s own science-fantasy setting. The game is based on Fantasy AGE (aff). F-AGE is more or less the ruleset from the Dragon Age RPG with serial numbers […]

Elusive Legends (Mini-Review)

What do you need to know? Elusive Legends: Building Story in Tabletop RPGs by Diceless Hero Games is a series of articles concerning different story writing techniques for use in role-playing games. It is aimed at Game Masters who want to improve their craft. For USD $2.99 (aff) you’ll get a PDF treatise on 22 […]

Strange Stars (Review)

What is Strange Stars? There’s a lot of buzz in my G+ circles about Strange Stars by Trey Causey. So, what’s the deal? Strange Stars is a short 30 pages system-agnostic setting book influenced by 70s science fiction and space opera. The cover should give you a pretty good impression of what the book is […]