OSR Sci Fi GM Screen (Mini-Review)

Let’s take a short break from my Whitehack series and look at a different old school gaming product. The OSR Sci Fi GM Screen is a production in the wake of the White Star (aff) hype. While White Star isn’t perfect, it still has lots of fans in the old school community. The GM Screen […]

Colonial Civil War (White Star Adventure Review)

Interested in an adventure for the sci-fi OSR game White Star? Then Darrel Miller from DM Studios might help you out. His second adventure, Colonial Civil War (CCW), is available at Drivethrurpg for USD $1.00. Grab it HERE. I already reviewed Darrel’s first module (Star Temple of Saturgalia) here if you’re interested in a module […]

White Star Revisited

Marcus over at G+ asked what was so good about White Star: […]I feel left out and don´t quite understand why White Star is so exciting for a lot of people. This is not meant as a troll post or some such. I am genuinely curious. I usually like OSR games. The likes of Beyond […]

Whitehack Star!?

White Star is the new and popular kid on the block. I agree that it’s really nice if you want a space opera game with old school D&D rules and 100% compatibility to Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox. I’ll write more about it soon. That being said, my favorite D&D ruleset is Whitehack at the moment. […]

A Quick Peek at White Star!

Back at home and I just discovered that James Spahn from Barrel Rider Games released White Star, his OSR sci-fi game. The G+ OSR community is buzzing with excitement. The products I bought from Barrel Rider Games so far were always top-notch (take a look at my review of White Box Omnibus), so I was […]