Whitehack Heroes, an Idea

Whitehack and Scarlet Heroes are two of my absolute favorite D&D old school games. I like the idea of the positive double roll and the freeform character creation and magic system of Whitehack. I appreciate the neat attack roll, the skill system, and the changes to damage rolls for solo playing of Scarlet Heroes. So […]

Whitehack Star!?

White Star is the new and popular kid on the block. I agree that it’s really nice if you want a space opera game with old school D&D rules and 100% compatibility to Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox. I’ll write more about it soon. That being said, my favorite D&D ruleset is Whitehack at the moment. […]

Actual Play: Whitehack in the Overrun Mines

Let’s try this experiment. Shane Ward asked me to review one of his modules (all PWYW). I chose The Overrun Mines, a Labyrinth-Lord-adventure for level 1 characters. It’s a simple location-based module. I recently bought the 2nd edition of Whitehack (review of the 1st edition here), so I wanted to play the adventure with this […]

A Look at Whitehack (Part 2)

This is the next part of my Whitehack review. Go to part 1. Rules Basic game concept Where will give you an overview about the game mechanics You get XP for killing monsters, treasure and completing quests. Monster HP values are given. Whitehack uses a unified Saving Throw. You need to roll equal or higher […]

A Look at Whitehack (Part 1)

As a newer gamer I have a curious interest into the OSR gaming scene. I love reading new systems and the OSR crowd is very productive. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you can get many games for a small price (or free). Another gaming niche of mine is lightweight games. There can be some overlap […]