Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting (or Wielding Katanas)

There is Shinobi & Samurai (free), an OD&D clone. It has classes like Bushi and Shinobi. Scarlet Heroes (free quickstart, affiliate links), one of my favorites from grandmaster Kevin Crawford (Sine Nomine Publishing). The setting is called Red Tide. It’s Asian flavored but also post-apocalyptic/horror. Strictly speaking no samurais and katanas. Ruins & Ronin (affiliate […]

Feng Shui 2 – Impressions

Feng Shui by Robin D. Laws: the original game is from 1996. It’s a game for (Hong-Kong-)Action-Movie-type games. Last year there was a Kickstarter for an updated version. I like the genre and I think that Laws is a good game designer (listen to Ken and Robin talk about stuff). Although I’ve never played the […]