Warning: What I am up To

Stuff That Might See a Review

More Things That Are Interesting

Going Solo

I wrote a minimalist solo RPG framework called Miso RPG. It is a work in progress but I plan to share it in the next few days.

Keywords: rules-lite, freeform

And What About This Blog

The site got a fresh coat of paint. The new theme loads faster. The menu is easier to navigate.

Server and database have been struggling the last few days. My admin is looking into it.

I will write more. This blog lay dormant for a while because I was concentrating on family life and other matters. But I realize I miss role-playing games too much.

3 thoughts on “Warning: What I am up To

  1. It’s good to see you back blogging again. Thanks for sharing those links, and I’m looking forward to Miso.

    The blog redesign is nice and uncluttered too.

  2. I just grabbed Macchiato Monsters. It’s hitting all my sweet spots and seems to handle things a bit more elegantly than Black Hack. I’ll be interested in hearing your take.

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