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Dungeon World

Sword Breaker Issue No. 4 - The Tempest Riders, PWYW. This is a great issue about air ships and air pirates.

Plundergrounds 3: The Hoard is available for USD $2.00.

Free Games

A Gem most of you may not have heard of, John Harper's Wildlings RPG. A game about young tribe members coming of age.

The Wormwood Throne/The Wormwood Crown is another cool game draft by Ben Milton.

StormHack SRD Lite, a neat Pocketmod game. OSR fusion of Stormbringer and Whitehack. With Demons.

MAZES & MINOTAURS Core Books. Judd Goswick recommended it as "OSR with the Old Game reimagined as inspired by Greek Myth rather than Middle Earth."

I somehow missed Slade Stolar's The Indie Hack SRD. There are some interesting ideas here.

D&D 5e

Summary of Easy to Miss Rules.


Perchance, a web app that can create all kinds of outputs.


Want to write a gamebook? Then here's a reading list.

Discussing "Story vs. Rules" again, are we?