Post by Sophia

This week's Friday post is all about neat downloads!

Cool Stuff

Dolmenwood is a wonderful fairy setting for OSR games. The Weird That Befell Drigbolton (aff) is a new investigative, event-based module. It costs USD $8.99. You can also drop it into any weird fantasy campaign. It doesn't need to be Dolmenwood. But you're missing out.

Need a collaborative GM-less super simplified dungeon crawl game? Check out Index Card D&D.

... Basically, everyone spends like 15 minutes creating a class, monster, treasure, room, and trap, and then we play a simplified D&D with the results. It's silly fun and always unbalanced, and you accumulate more cards the more you play. We've super been enjoying it, so I figured I'd share the current iteration of the rules. It's especially fun with a beer in hand!

Take a look at these houserules by Mike Overbo for playing D&D solo. It is a hodgepodge of rules so that you can play with any edition.

Speaking of D&D, there is a free 179-pages zine you can get: Chromatic Soup 01 is a collaborative zine. I missed this effort but it looks awesome. There is some cool art by C├ędric Plante.

Hexbox is a free supplement for 5e.

Hexbox is a systemic approach to sandbox hexcrawling designed for use with 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons but easily adaptable for use with any fantasy role-playing game. This book lays out the systems and procedures used to streamline the process with an eye towards minimizing GM bookkeeping and keeping the nuts and bolts largely off-screen and invisible to the players.

And if you're more the Dungeon World type, grab some free/PWYW playbooks: The Video Game Class Pack - A set of three Dungeon World Playbooks (aff).

Oh, and don't forget to check out the new Plundergrounds zine for DW. You can get the first issue for free. The second issue just dropped: Kazarak. It's dwarven underground themed. It really invokes the feel of the Mines of Moria. You'll need to become a patreon supporter to download the zine (USD $2.00).