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Mike Evans' Hubris (aff) setting for DCC is like a psychedelic trip full of gruesomeness.
Eric Nieudan's Macchiato Monsters (MM) is a tasteful blend of Whitehack and The Black Hack, two old-school D&D games.
There are no classes in MM but you get a more freeform way to make a character.

Can we mix Hubris with Macchiato Monsters?
(And how would a pretentious caffeinated monster look like?)

Let's make some characters!

Conversion notes:
The Hubris class is an MM trait.
If the character is a spell-caster, use Magic Training to map it.
If the class gives you special abilities, use Specialist Training.
MM equipment is random, try to find stuff that fits the Hubris class.

Magisterial Macchiato Monsters Characters

For stats, roll 3d6 in order. Hit Die, Armor Die, and Weapon Training Die are all d6. You roll equipment randomly on some tables.


STR 8 INT 9 WIS 10 DEX 8 CON 8 CHA 6
Trait: Alchemist
Hit Die (HD) d6, HP 4
Armor Die (AD) d6
Weapon Training Die (WD) d6
Magic Training: Make potion (DCC pg. 223-225), one spell still open
Specialist Training: Mutagen
Equipment: bread and ham d4, ragged cloth bag, sock filled with pebbles, a piece of string and a tooth, religious books worth silver d12, a scourge d4, nomad bow d6 (arrows d8), ill-fitting helmet d4

Blood Witch

STR 7 INT 16 WIS 12 DEX 13 CON 12 CHA 9
Trait: Blood Witch
HD d6, HP 6
AD d6
WD d6
Magic Training (2x): Blood Walk, Coagulate, Familiars, Inflict Wounds
Equipment: dried apples d8, shepherd's dog, backpack, tend d10, torches d6, strongbox of platinum d6, a length of silk worth silver d10, voulge d6, hand crossbow d6 (bolts d8), hide tunic and fur hat d4


STR 10 INT 15 WIS 7 DEX 11 CON 10 CHA 5
Trait: Shadowdancer
HD d6, HP 3
AD d6
WD d6
Specialist Training (2x): Hide in plain Sight, Shadow Abilities
Equipment: Bread and ham d4, ragged cloth bag, sock filled with pebbles, a bug of rust nails, velvet bag of electrum d10, short sword d6, sling d4 (bag of stones d10), padded leather d4

Murder Machine

STR 12 INT 8 WIS 11 DEX 7 CON 16 CHA 12
Trait: Murder Machine
HD d6, HP 2
AD d6
WD d6
Specialist Training (2x): Swiss Army Knife, Tinkering: Canon Ball
Equipment: Dry biscuits and nuts d8, backpack, blanket, rope d10, pilgrim hat, a pocketful of copper d6, bill-hock d8, javelins d6 (quiver d4), hand crossbow d6 (bolts d8), studded leather with shield d6 (ok, that doesn't fit the character class at all!)


You can't do a 1-on-1-conversion. Hubris classes have a lot of gimmicks. I tried to model them via Specialist Training and Magic Training. But that leaves no place for an upgrade in Weapon Training or Armor Training.

I like MM's character creation process. The random tables are fun.

Hubris is not for the faint of heart.

Mike Evans did a splendid job with the Hubris classes. I wonder where he gets his ideas. (What do I need to take to come up with such material? Lots of caffeine? Or harder stuff?)

I only converted four classes/races. Hubris also has the Druid, the Half-Demon, the Avarian, the Ekrask and the Mutant.

I'm going to review the whole setting book, so look forward to more notes.

Check out Hubris HERE (aff) and Macchiato Monsters HERE.

Hubris PDF costs USD $14.99, Macchiato Monsters Zero PDF costs USD $4.