Solo RPG Goodness

Post by Sophia

John from Solonexus recently updated his free solo rpg engine the 9Qs. You can now grab the 2013 version.

Updates include:

  • Clarified language and additional guidance.
  • Deliberate and random GM decisions and PC actions.
  • Deliberate and random setting (place and time) options.
  • Q1a (reactive) and Q1b (proactive) opening encounters.
  • "The NPC 9Qs" for instant NPC generation

I introduced the 9Qs in one of my earlier blog posts.

Additionally, there's a new online solution called Rpg Solo.

It is still in beta but it works fine. Rpg Solo is inspired by all the solo goodness you can find on the internet: The 9Qs, FU, Mythic Game Emulator, Instant Game, the blog post by Tiny Solitary Soldiers and the d10 solo system by Solo Dungeoneer.

The interface looks a bit confusing at first but there's some explanation at the forums. It's definitely a tool which will help your solo playing experience. And it's free, too!


The 9Qs 2013 Edition

Rpg Solo

All the other links:


Mythic Game Emulator

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