Actual Play: Wu# With the 9Qs - Setup

Post by Sophia

This is an actual play write-up of my solo adventure using the Fate-inspired lightweight F# role playing system in a WuXing setting. It's a solely aspect driven game.

WuXing is a d20-based ninja rpg by Eloy Lasanta. It features a Naruto/Avatar(The Last Airbender)/Ancient China setting, Wuxia-style. So, I really like the setting, I think Eloy did a great job on the different ninja clans, but I didn't want to use the native Dynamic Gaming System because it requires a bit of book-keeping and I'm still very new to solo gaming.

Thus I decided to mash it up!

John Fiore's solo engine the 9Qs provides an adventure framework for me.


Wuxia-Action, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Geishas, Samurai & Sake!

Ninja crusade against the Izou Empire!

Death can come in the blink of an eye!

Characters & Heroic Motivation

Ishitaku Genzen, Hidden Strands Of Fate

tall, knavish, good-looking young ninja from one of the most influential families of the Strands

  • ninja wunderkind (1)
  • "You are my puppets on a string and I am your puppet master." (1)
  • "Nah. Been there, done that." (1)
  • knight in shining armor(1)
  • "Money talks." (1)
  • best served with alcohol (1)

    1. friend: his father, Ishitaku Taiko, clan leader's adviser

    2. foe: his older half-brother, Ishitaku Kuro

    3. short-term goal: gain fame to strengthen his position in the clan

    4. long-term goal: become clan leader

Kaizen Hikari, Virtuous Body Gardeners

medium-sized, chubby and friendly, sharp wits, bold

  • "Should I show you my ink?" (1)
  • all thumbs (1)
  • "I want to make history, not record it!" (1)
  • living lie detector (1)
  • "I think I know someone...." (1)
  • Robin Hood syndrome (1)

    1. friend: Odoroki Chen, Blazing Dancer

    2. foe: Tsabuki Tsutomu, Pack Of The Black Moon, killed her mother

    3. short-term goal: play a part in the acquisition of land from the Pack Of The Black Moon

    4. long-term goal: kill Tsabuki Tsutomu

Heroic Motivation:

"Let's prove ourselves to our ninja-senpais & bring glory and fame to the name of the ninjas! The Izou Regime must fall!"

That's it for now. As I'm tinkering around with my blog I changed this post because I don't want such a "wall of text".

Next, Qs 1-3...

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